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Friday, March 10, 2006

The Forgetful Diva

Just venting!

My girlfriend just dropped off some goodies and it included yummy lotion and body wash. I opened it to smell it...mistake #1 and then I left it in the living room while I chatted with GF outside...mistake #2...after that I shooed the kids in the house because they were goofing off...mistake #3 And of course, you know what happened next.

DS (who's a terrific 2) opened up one of the bottles and poured it all out on the carpet. I spent the next 45 minutes sucking it up with our steam cleaner (now I know why I insisted on buying this heavy thang 5 years ago). It was sooo soapy and sudsy, I had to clean out the water at least 7 times! Oh well, at least a patch of the living room is clean.

When the kids are older, I will definitely have a house with very minimal carpet in it...same amount of mess, less hassle cleaning them up. Oh how I hate carpet!


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