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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bam-Bam and her Oral Report on the Solar System

Sometimes I go to the girls' room to hang out with the kids...well, the room is equipped with a 27" tv perched on top of the dresser with dvd/vcr connected to it (Mark & I decided to give the one in our room to the kids). I go in there complete with cell phone, cordless house phone, book & crochet project while we all watch a movie or tv show (I have to be doing something while watching anything...I guess it helps with my ever-thinking mind). The kids love it because they snuggle up next to me and I love it because we're all doing something together that does not require chores LOL

And to my point. About 3 weeks ago after we watched a show, the kids left to play in the boys' room where the toys are and I sat on one bed finishing my crocheting, Bam-Bam/Anne Marie comes in and starts talking to me. "I learned about the Solar System and I want to tell you all about it," she says. "How did you learn about the Solar System?" I ask. "Well, I learned it from Kuya's (Jonathan) Leap Pad actually," she replied back and proceeds to tell me, "The Solar System has 9 planets going around the Sun, the closest one to the Sun is called Me-nus." I interrupt her to say that Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun and Venus is the 2nd closest and Earth is the 3rd closest. "No Mommy, it's Me-nus!" she replied back, I then say that she probably had the first and 2nd planets mixed up and she says, "Okay Mommy." We went through the list of planets and she said, "The last planet is Pluto! But Pluto doesn't get any sunlight because the other planets are blocking the way!!" Wow, her simple logic does make sense because nowhere in the Leap Pad book does it say that the planets go around the Sun in their own pace...I thought that was soo cool what she said!!

Anyways, I explain to her that each planet has their own speed in which they go around the Sun so that they are able to have sunlight without the other planets blocking their way most of the time. Then I tell her sometimes that our moon blocks the sun sometimes so it gets dark for a little bit even during the day and the look on her face was priceless!

All in all we had about a 15 minute conversation on the Solar System.

Not too bad for a 6 year old.

I'm soo proud!!


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