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Friday, August 08, 2008


Yes, no, sort of...I don't buy luxury items, or even semi-luxury and no, eBay does not count! I guess it's a need to make sure my family & I look presentable and somewhat up-to date even if it's 3 seasons ago. Don't you know shopping is a form of exercise? It takes me a couple of days to recover before I go off "exercising" again, whew, my arm does hurt from swiping my card so many times.

A quote from Laura Rose as I was going to the kitchen laden with yet more goodies, "Mommy, you bought more stuff? Where are you going to put that stuff and the other stuff you already got?"

Oo nga naman.

I got to the point where I was getting nauseated at my shop-aholicness and decided then and there to shred all my debit cards.

So, in place of shopping I...

Weeded out my closet and the kids' closet for clothes, shoes, books and toiletries to give to the women's shelter.

Weeded out my craft closet to give a few things to a grandma who's starting to crochet.

Am making more and more meals from scratch (does Ramen Noodles count?)

Am starting to make more clothes from my crafts stuff.

Am doing more chores and actually not complaining!!

Suffice to say, staying "clean" leads to a happier (and cleaner) home.

Now, about that eBay account of mine....


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